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A little bit about Katara

John and I have spent the last few years focused on knowledge management. John was the founding member of Uber's knowledge management team, spending over 4 years developing custom tools to increase engineering productivity. I spent the last few years working on a new type of knowledge hub specifically for teams. Over this time we came to the same realisation:

The existing documentation tools are either built for teams or the open internet and all of these solutions either become disorganised or require a lot of gardening at scale. Put another way:

Knowledge bases don't scale

We believe the industry doesn't need yet another documentation tool. What it needs is a knowledge engine that sits on top of all the tools you already use and lets you catalog the knowledge, assets and resources you already have. It does so in a way that makes it trivial to enforce consistency and accountability, which are usually missing or poorly implemented in other tools. Best of all it requires no migration, just a one time audit of what you already have, which can be delegated to the appropriate teams.


If you've gotten this far you probably already have an idea of how big an impact this could make. If you could give back the time even 1% of the population spend looking for answers that's a really big deal. We are always looking for interesting people to come join. Email me us if you like the cut of our jib.