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Reimagining knowledge management

Katara lets you catalog all your teams, products, design files, endpoints, project trackers, chat rooms, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Onboard new hires in a fraction of the time and enforce knowledge sharing best practices without the need to migrate all your information to yet another tool.

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Feature Section

One Place For Content

In Katara, there is one page for every resource in your organization. No duplication of content, no disorganized folder hierarchies. If the information you need for a resource doesn’t exist on its page, you can be confident that it hasn’t been entered into Katara.

Consistent Layouts

Consistent Layouts

Every page is based on a customizable layout. Layouts describe what information should exist on a page and how it should look, so all your pages look the same. Page authoring is as easy as filling in the slots.

Built in Ownership

In Katara, every page is owned by the relevent group of subject matter experts. When someone on that team leaves, ownership of their content stays with the group.

Transparent Feedback

Every slot on a page allows for direct actionable feedback. When feedback is submitted, a task is assigned to the page owners.

Enforce Quality

Each page has a quality score based on feedback and in-line surveys. Quality scores bubble up by team so you easily create a culture of accountability for knowledge sharing.